WeBOC is in fact license of import and export, to become carry on the business of import and export one is required to get WeBOC. WEBOC stands for Web Based One Customs, developed by PRAL to facilitate importers and exporters. It is a web based system for filing Goods Declarations (GD) for import and export cargo. which can be used by both Importers, Exporters and their Customs Clearing Agents. At this point, WEBOC is necessary to carry out the business of import and export or both.
It is a common belief by the importers in Pakistan that custom clearance is very difficult, time consuming and cumbersome procedure. As a result it has become a common practice to engage a. However a part of the negative perception relates to the low awareness level about the compliance requirements for import procedure. WeBOK is the fundamental requirement for clearance of goods/shipment and the process of assessment of customs duty and taxes. Shipments may be received or delivered at either the Sea, Airport or Dry port
Our Services relating to WeBOC registration are as follows:
Support and guidance for registration
Preparation of documents
Documentation for registration
Fee deposit
Filing of registration form

WEBOC ID Enrolment

Any person who wishes to be registered as a user of the Customs Computerized System may apply 2`{`***`}` to the Collector in the prescribed form and shall provide such information in relation to the application as is prescribed.
(2) The Collector may require an applicant for registration to give such additional information as he considers necessary for the purpose of the application.
(3) The Collector may grant the application subject to such conditions, as he deems fit or refuse the application:
Provided that no order shall be passed for refusal of application unless the applicant has been given a reasonable opportunity of being heard.



I. Original CNIC
II. NADRA Verification
III. 181 order to Grant Income tax
IV. Sales Tax Registration Certificate
V. Property Document premises/office/Rent Agreement with photo copy of owner and witness CNIC.
VI. Valid Karachi Chamber of Commerce Certificate
VII. Business Office Premises Current Electric Bill
VIII. Business Office Premises Current PTCL Bill.
IX. Undertaking on Stamp Paper Rs. 100.
X. Bank Statement for last 06 months.
XI. Bank Account Maintenance Certificate.
XII. Personal Appearance of the Sole Proprietor.
XIII. Request for issuance of WEBOC ID on letter Head.
XIV. WEBOC external User Registration Form.
XV. 14(1) order to sales tax registration application.
XVI. 114(1) Return of income filed voluntarily for complete year.
XVII. Active tax payer list.
XVIII. Visiting card.
XIX. 02 Photograph
All photo state copies must be attested be the oath commissioner.

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